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Cycling has no doubt seen a massive amount of progress in safety standards in the past century, moving from 3-panels caps to helmets, reflective clothing, and hi-viz fluorescent fabrics, and decking out our steeds with lights to illuminate our ways and boost visibility to motorists bumbling along on their way. Light & Motion takes progression to a new level this year, with their new Vibe Tail Light -- a smart tail light illuminates when you're in motion, and takes a rest when you've parked your bike away. The Vibe tail light offers you 50-lumens of pulsing red light that illuminates and dims in a pattern with sporadic pulsing, to catch the eye of drivers without distracting them from the road, to keep both yourself and motorists safe on your commute to class or home from work. The light senses when it's been plugged in and automatically illuminates, and turns off if left parked. Two side located amber lights work to also increase your visibility to cars in intersections, by lighting the zones where motorists are most likely to look when making turns. The light its self is compact and is easy to store in your pants pocket during the day at work, and simply inserts and twists to attach to the mount, creating a waterproof seal that repels water down to 1 meter (when in the mount). The Vibe is USB-rechargeable, and easily inserts into a port in your computer, or a wall charger to get the juices flowing, and in just 2 hours it's loaded with enough power for 12 hours of riding.

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