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When you're ready to bomb it down your final lap on a twilight enduro race, don't leave yourself second guessing berms and rock gardens, set yourself up with the light you need to dominate the mountain with the Light and Motion Seca 2500 Race light. With a generous 2500 lumens of LED power, the Seca provides you with more light than most car high beams. Light and Motion's engineers redesigned their LED placement on the Seca to cover a larger field of vision with upward pointing LEDs that illuminate the dark abyss ahead of you, and lower LEDs that are reflected down to penetrate the dimly lit areas right in front of your wheel for maximum visibility --no more dark and scary cornering filled with fears of what might bite your tire and pull you into the trees, and an illuminated power button lets you know when your battery power is starting to run a little low. A 3-cell battery pack mounts securely to your frame for a bar located light, or can be stowed safely in your hydration pack or pocket if you're running it mounted on your helmet. The 3-cell battery provides an hour and a half of light on high, which is where you'll find differences between the Seca 2500 Race and its partner in crime, the Seca 2500 Enduro. Both use the same light, but the Race uses an ultra-light weight battery pack that can crush it for a race, but won't have the battery power to carry you well into the wild beyond late at night the way the Enduro can. Much like the Seca Enduro, you don't need to worry if Mother Nature decides she's feeling a bit stormy, the Seca 2500 Race is rated with IP67 waterproof certification, to last up to a meter under water, so unless your race is actually located inside the Pacific, you won't have to stress precipitation.

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