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Explore the wonders of the backcountry through variable terrain, heart-racing ridgelines, and endless powder with the Travis Rice Gold Member FP Splitboard. Unlike the chattery, unstable splits of yesteryear, this board is a powerful, stable beast built for tackling serious big mountain lines, and its ultralight construction makes getting to the top easier than ever. Stability and lightning-quick response are both crucial when navigating treacherous big mountain terrain, so this splitboard is equipped with an aggressive C2x profile and a medium flex for enhanced power, precision, and edge hold. Magne-Traction edges further improve edge hold by creating extra contact points so you can maintain grip on windblown summits or slippery skintracks. Its pointed nose, notched tail, and slightly set-back stance enhance drive and float when you're surfing deep snow, but still allows riding switch when you're launching 180's off natural hits or buttering down pow fields. The T. Rice Gold Member Split Construction is where the whole process begins. An aspen, paulownia, and basalt core is ultra-lightweight while retaining strength, both crucial elements for a long-lasting splitboard. Spin Slim tips reduce swing weight for ultra-smooth rotations and an incredibly light and snappy feel underfoot. The Bio Bean topsheet is made from castor beans instead of petroleum-based plastics to reduce environmental impacts while still keeping the board strong and poppy. Added carbon keeps the weight down while adding response and stability. It's all held together with Karakoram clips, which actively pull the two halves of the board together for a less chattery ride when you get back to the resort or ride down from the summit. Finally, the sintered base is extra durable to prevent gouges when riding in natural, wild terrain.

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