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With a lightning quick S4 sintered base, the Eco has the speed to match the fast growing Paulownia and poplar of the Renew Core. The camber base are incredibly fast and responsive, creating an excellent ride. Bamboo in the topsheet and sidewalls means you won't have to feel guilty about spraying skiers since you will be on one of the most eco friendly boards on the market! Features: - Directional Twin: Twin at both ends, but has an asymmetrical flex pattern. The tail is stiff for easier carving while the tip is softer for powder and stability - Camber: The arch of the board is raised in the middle. Camber boards are better for speed, super responsive, and best suited for the more aggressive advanced riders or hard packed snow - Renew Core: Exclusively found in the ECO series boards. This is made of fast growing hardwoods, a blend of paulownia and poplar so light and snappy they are often mistaken for composite. It is greener and better because both are abundant throughout the world and can fully regenerate in as little as 8 years. The combo is poppy, responsive, lively and we even added a carbon stringer down the center for Super Boost - Bamboo Topsheet and Sidewall: Bamboo is both durable and eco-friendly. The bamboo topsheet is actually covered by a laquer which chips away when banged up and eliminates the potential for delamination. The bamboo sidewall allows for snappy and responsive sidewall that can take a beating - LDS (Launch Dampening System): Simply put, it is the suspension under your bolts. The Launch Dampening System absorbs shock under your feet, giving you added stability plus added life to your board by protecting against breakage - 12 Hole Pattern: Giving you plenty of options to get your stance dialed - S4 Sintered Base: Higher the S level the better absorption for the wax and the faster the board becomes

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