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COMFORTABLE AGGRESSIVEThe Katana is undoubtedly one of La Sportiva's many classic shoes due to its combination of all-day comfort and technical prowess, while the Otaki's aggressive attitude tackles some of the toughest climbs out there. But where do you turn when you need a comfier shoe to climb long, tough routes like the last few pitches on Moonlight Buttress or basically every sport climb in Greece and Spain? The Women's Kataki Climbing Shoe balances the Katana's comfort with the Otaki's aggression so you can jam into tight cracks, project overhangs, and spend a day at the boulder fields without ever taking the shoe off. It features La Sportiva's tried-and-true P3 construction for long-lasting aggression, and the new S-Heel optimizes the fit so you can heel hook everything. The Vibram XS Edge sole has a stiffer feel than the Otaki, and it lasts a lot longer for climbers on a budget?which is basically every dedicated climber out there. FEATURESHigh-performance climbing shoe with a focus on comfortAggressive downturn assures proper performance on overhangsModerate asymmetrical curvature enhances comfort for long daysLow profile toebox works well in tight cracksVibram XS Edge rubber sole has a stiffer, more durable feelExpect leather upper to stretch at least a half size

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