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After years of perfecting the practiced puzzle of stuffing your muddy bikes into the confined cargo space of your hatchback, you've finally had enough and added a hitch to your ride. Now all you need is Kuat's NV Base 2. 0 Bike Hitch Rack and you'll be heading out on adventures with less packing time, reduced stress, and far less messy consequences for the interior of your car. The NV Base 2. 0 carries two bikes with the potential to expand to four with the separately sold two-bike carrying NV Base 2. 0 Add-On. Adjustable cradles accommodate wheelbases up to 48in and tire sizes ranging from skinny road slicks up to 4. 8in fat tires. The entire rack installs via a simple tool-free cam system, and it includes a hitch lock and integrated cable locks for peace of mind at travel day lunch stops.

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