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The Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1565 Combo Cable Lock with FlexFrame Bracket is there for you when you want mid-weight protection from petty bike thieves and opportunistic crooks. With 15-millimeters of braided steel cable, the KryptoFlex 1565 provides excellent resistance to cutting, and it's coated with protective vinyl to save its self from rust, and your bike from scratches. The lock features an integrated, 4-digit resettable combination lock, with indexed number dials for error-free setting, and its head adjusts up to 240-degrees making it easier to lock and unlock, as well as carry on your bike. This model includes a Transit FlexFrame-C transportation system that attaches to your bike for versatile carrying, and a hook and loop strap for extra stability on the ride. The KryptoFlex 1565 Combo Cable Lock is designed to protect your bike when you're out and about, but as with any bike lock, it is not 100% theft-proof. Kryptonite gives it a 3 out of 10 on their security scale, making it the perfect lock for a neighborhood jaunt, but pairing it with a bigger lock is a good idea if you live somewhere that has a bike-theft problem, or a larger city.

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