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As powerful a package you'll find when it comes to road visibility, the Kryptonite Alley F-650 and Avenue R-50 COB Light Combo illuminates every bump, twist, and turn on the road ahead while also keeping you highly visible to passing cars. The Alley F-650 delivers a whopping 650-lumens to shine light over pitch-black roads on your way home, while its six different modes meet the needs of the lighting and traffic around you. These modes are enhanced by the side illumination ports that help you stay visible when crossing intersections, while the memory function turns on to the last mode it was on before being turned off. Then, the easy to operate Avenue R-50 offers six different modes to supply you with the light you need to keep drivers aware of your presence, day or night. It runs on a USB rechargeable battery that's easy to plug in at the office or at home, and offers up to 11 hours and 15 minutes of pulsing red light to keep you visible.

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