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Tipping the scales Cats were seen as gods in Egypt. Most of us already know that little piece of info. But here's the thing. Most of us have had cats living with us. They're nice. They're adorable. But they can also cause a lot of havoc. Can you imagine what it would be like to have cats roaming around that can't be disciplined? They'd wander into the mummifying room and meow at the priests for attention. If those priests were to busy to give them a cuddle, that cat would sidle up to one of the four canopic jars, make eye contact, and slowly push it off the table, brains and all. And we can't even imagine what a mess a cat would make with the mummy wrappings. Lucky for Bastet, cats couldn't be touched. In fact, last year architects found a tomb filled with mummified cats and a fancy cat statue honoring the cat goddess. Product Details This sleek costume has a flattering fit. The jumpsuit is trimmed with gold and has a golden collar. The fitted pants have a belt and a floor-length panel giving you an authoritative Egyptian air. Your cat-like features are finished off with a gold and black tail and a crown with distinctly feline ears. With a gorgeous, fitted look and golden details, you'll feel as graceful as a cat and as regal as a goddess. What else could you ask for? Egypt or Bust Dressing up in Egyptian garb is always a lot of fun. Why? Well, you can always take your look to the next level. Using gold, turquoise, and black makeup you can apply a classic Cleopatra eye. Dust gold sparkles over your skin and get hold of an Egyptian staff to take it a step further. And when your look is complete, don't forget to pose for your household kitty. You're sure to get a round of a-paws!

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