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Product DescriptionSizeThe size of this product is 78"x51.2"x1.6", with a packed size of 26"x13.6"x13.6", this product only weighs 8.7lbs. This sleeping pad is made of waterproof 75D micro brushed TPU coating with high-quality sponge filling, all those features make the product become damp-proof and skin-friendly.Advanced DesignThe self-inflating camp pad has a built-in pillow, adding levels of comfort. Rapid rise open cell foam is featured to triple-zone comfort pattern and is adjustable for our different body parts for better camping experiences.AccessoriesThe sleeping pad comes with two compression straps, a large oxford carrying bag and a repair kit (Glue Not Included). You can pack the sleeping bag inside the carrying bag and carry it easily. Also, you can repair the sleeping pad with compression straps and a repair kit if any emergency occurs.TextureThis sleeping pad is made of 100%Polyester 75D Poly-pouch PVC Coating, so it's highly durable and portable. You can use it for a long time, and literally, you can take this sleeping pad to any outdoor destination.GuaranteeKingCamp offers a 365-day limited warranty, if you have any questions about the product, please contact us without hesitation, we will reply you within 24 hours, and your money will be guaranteed. Package1 x inflatable sleeping pad1 x carry bag1 x repair kit(glue is not included)2 x straps How to inflate the pad?Open two valves and the pad will inflate automatically. (it may be compressed in the bag for a long time, so the pad may inflate slowly. A few breaths will help a lot for it to be inflated into a good shape.How to deflate the pad?Firstly, open the valves, rolling the pad from the bottom, press the rolling part. When rolling to the top, wait for the air to flow out for a while, then close the valves.Secondly, don't open the valves, unfold the pad, then rolling the pad again to the top, open the valves, wait for the air to flow out. Then close the valves.Repeat step 2 until you can fold the pad into the carry bag (about 3 - 5 times) NOTICE: Due to the compressed packaging, when you receive d the package, please unfold the sleeping pad and open the valve for 24 hours. It will take longer (approximately 1 hour) to inflate for the first use of the product. FAQsIs this product PVC-free? Yes, It's made of 30D stretch fabric and TPU coating, it is skin-friendly, waterproof, tear-resistant, and very durable.Will it lose air? No, it keeps air well.How noisy is this airbed when people move around? Is there a coating that reduces the amount of sound that comes from the plastic? It makes no noise and people can enjoy the comfort and cosy environment brought by this product!

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