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Buy It Now! | Rossignol Alpine Ski Boots > For young skiers making their way up the learning carve, the Rossignol Hero J3 Ski Boots will help them get into the groove of things. Specifically some sweet S shaped grooves down the groomers. This soft, three-buckle boot is just the tool for the job to get your youngster on the slopes and on their way to becoming a hero of the ski resort. 3 Macro Buckles Junior Last Boot shell addresses common problem fit areas for a comfortable fit. Comfort Fit Liner Comfort fit liners feature soft materials for all-day cushioning and warmth. Sensor Inside SENSOR boot shells mirror basic footbed balance philosophies with three points-of-contact. Direct contact with the foot's three balance receptor points; big toe, little toe (1st & 5th met-heads) and heel) offer unprecedented power and snow feel. Flex: 40 Soft flex indexed for young skiers on the learning curve. | Kid's Rossignol Hero J3 Ski Boys Boots 2020

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