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The Prime Connect-Ci Binding is Karakoram's stiffest binding for snowboarding in the resort, and it's one of the first bindings that you can use for snowboards and splitboards. With Karakoram's revolutionary Prime System, this binding is removable so you can take it off snowboards with Quiver Connectors (two sets included) and put it on splitboards with the Prime Connect Split Conversion Kit (sold separately). You might have different boards and boots for riding resort or backcountry, but you can use this binding no matter where you ride. And as for the binding itself, well it certainly meets Karakoram's strict standard for snowboarding performance. The binding itself boasts the highest stiffness out of any Prime Connect Binding. By infusing the Reactive highback and chassis with carbon, Karakoram not only made this binding the stiffest, it's also one of the lightest options. The chassis has a thin layer of EVA to pad underfoot for extra comfort on long tours, and an open design underneath the padded footbed allows your board to flex naturally. Karakoram finished the chassis off with Dupont Zytel sidewalls to provide more support and better power transfer while side-hilling.

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