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Product Condition The K-Force Light Stem is in Excellent condition The Stem is in Excellent condition The stem was previously owned for approximately three weeks The following observation has been made about this item The stem is very clean The top cap has rattled around in package and lightly scratched the top of the stem Item sold as is All warranties voidSize Unisex 100mmColor Matte CarbonRetail Cost 22899For some components lightweight and carbon can be dirty words In the early 2000s weight-weenie craze the peloton suffered under the malleable malfeasance of poorly designed lightweight cockpits Well those days are finally past us in part because of pristine designs like the FSA K-Force Light Stem having taught the cycling world a very important lessoninnovate or dont bother The K-Force Light Stem does just that by using a total carbon and titanium construction that offers up rigidity style and massive weight savingsFSAs K-Force Light Stem features a 100 monocoque carbon fiber body construction This design achieves an equilibrium between weight-savings and ride quality without sacrificing on either polarity The K-Force Light provides a stiff and direct platform to the bars while weighing in around an astoundingly low 150g And while most weight-shaving stems feel more malleable than rigid the K-Forces design avoids the wet-noodle-zeitgeist by eliminating any steel or alloy from the stem You heard that right The K-Force Light uses only titanium hardware to secure to the steer tube and to attach the carbon faceplate The FSA K-Force Light Stem is available in four sizes from 100 to 130mm Lighter stiffer faster DWGAK0A

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