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If you've recently invested in Garmin's latest data machine, the Edge 1030, we wouldn't blame you for carrying it around in bubble wrap for your first few rides. But, eventually you're going to want to actually see the screen. When you're ready to take that step, mount it to your handlebars using the positive, clear engagement of K-Edge's aluminum Combo Mount XL. The mount locks Garmin's largest, heaviest computer to date in place with an audible click so you know when it's actually secure. The engagement mechanism also lets you choose whether you want to orient the screen in landscape or portrait fashion. We tend to favor the latter, but we admit that there may be advantages to a landscape that we aren't aware of due to a force of habit in opting for a portrait. To keep your handlebars as clutter-free as possible, this mount also accommodates a GoPro camera, and the rigid aluminum arm that secures it over your front wheel eliminates the shaky video footage that can be common when using plastic mounts.

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