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Symbol of Wonder How do you think Wonder Woman chose her symbol? Do you think it has some sort of ancient meaning to the Greek gods? Do you think Queen Hippolyta suggested it? Maybe Wonder Woman just sketched it onto a napkin at a restaurant and gave it to her tailor back in Themyscira! Or maybe she hired a marketing agency to come up with a cool design for her to wear while she fights against the forces of evil. Well, it is pretty flashy, wherever it originated from. We think it's quite fitting for the superhero... and we think it's quite fitting for you, too! Product Details This Justice League Wonder Woman Gold Glitter Decal adds a dash of superhero style to any accessory! It's shaped like the classic symbol and features a glittery finish. You can slap it on your laptop, toss it on your car window, or even use it to spruce up your dorm room. The Wonder Mobile If you're a Wonder Woman fan or if you want to turn your car into the Wonder Woman-mobile as you dress up like the DC superhero. Who knows, if you slap this on your car, people might even think you're headed to the next big Justice League.

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