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New to Jones' women's split line up for 2020, the Hovercraft Split shows off its skillset on deep days with effortless float, fluid turn initiation, and precise control across icy steeps. A tapered directional shape sinks the rear end in powder, with the gigantic nose weightlessly floating up and across the snow. In less-than-ideal conditions, the responsive camber rails aggressive carves and locks into firm snow. An FSC-engineered veneer topsheet gives the Hovercraft Split a smooth feel with a natural look, while recycled rounded ABS sidewalls bolster durability in an eco-friendly construction process. Karakoram clips actively join the board halves for a solid feel underfoot that's nearly indistinguishable from riding on a regular board. Traction Tech inner-edges inspire confidence on sketchy ascents, especially when you're side-hilling in icy conditions.

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