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Black Diamond has redesigned their extremely popular JetForce packs and now offer a Pro series with a modular airbag base and Booster add-ons for options in sizes for every need. Whether you're looking for a 10L sidecountry pack, a 25L day touring pack (both ski and snowboard options available), or a 35L overnight pack, the new JetForce Pro has you covered! The JetForce features a fan-based inflation, which allows for multiple deployments, and features a pulse reinflation in case there are any small holes in the Cordura balloon during an avalanche. Once the bag has inflated, and after a pre-set time, the bag then deflates to create an air pocket if the user is buried, or just to allow for easy repacking. The JetForce battery is also easily rechargeable and allows for up to four deployments on a single charge. The pack features an avy tool pocket, a diagonal ski carry that allows for ballon deployment while skis are attached, a HiLo helmet holder, and a retractable leg strap.

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