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Jabsco Flange Mount Bilge Blower 3" #6351150020A versatile means of exhausting warm air from galleys and engine room, ventilating odors or steam from heads and general marine air circulation. Constructed of a tough reinforced plastic housing and one piece balanced plastic rotor. Flangemount blowers are generally mounted with the discharge port fastened directly to flat external surface to minimize required ducting. The inlet port can then be connected with the duct hose to the area requiring ventilation. Height: 51/2" Width: 43/4" Length: 63/4" Open AirFlow: 105 CFM (2.9 m3/min) Voltage: 12 Vdc Amp Draw: 4.4 amp Fuse Size: 6 amp Weight: 4 lb 2.3 kg

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