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If you're just going to put on a diaper and a bonnet, then waddle around cooing mischievously, we've got the perfect prop for you. This 15-inch inflatable Baby Bottle is tailor-made for an oversize infant outfit. But if that's supposed to distract from your real goal of swiping dinosaur DNA from a cold storage facility, you might want to reconsider. Because nobody will suspect the innocent little tyke of being able to crack the fail-safe security system, but they're going to get suspicious when they see those little vials through the clear inflatable plastic sides! And if your plan is to use this prop to knock over one of the biggest casinos on the Vegas Strip, you're really out of luck, because you have to be at least 18 to enter. Maybe you could stash your ID in the diaper, but how are you going to sneak out all that cash? It just isn't worth the hassle. But this bottle is!

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