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There is nothing more primally terrifying than a baby wearing a ferocious monster costume like this. Just look at those wicked horns! Those gigantic teeth! The hideous claws! We shudder to think of the brutal carnage that awaits anyone foolish enough to linger in the creature's path. Oh wait. We were looking at a different outfit! This Infant Pinky Winky Costume is pretty much the opposite of what we were just saying. Just plug in a word that means adorable wherever we said something that means really scary or grotesque. Whoops! How embarrassing for us. Well, it may not have the cracked, scaly skin of that other costume, or the little gadget that made flashes of light and puffs of smoke erupt from the snout every few minutes, but this is a great monster outfit in its own right. It's just more of a little pink cuddlesaurus than a humongo-destructor type. But if you planned on remaining in your current abode after your toddler's reign of terror, that may not be a problem! Because humongo-destructors are notorious for their acid spittle, which literally burns through area rugs and carpets. Whereas cuddlesauruses are just extra-snuggly! Awww! It's even got a little bow tie. You know, we don't usually think that there's a right choice when it comes to two great costumes. But when it's down to a terrible beast who's going to rain molten fury upon the countryside or a docile Pinky Winky, we'd suggest erring on the side of cuteness!

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