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We have to admit something. Earthworms gross us out just a bit. They are slimy, legless, and you can't tell which end is their head most of the time! Even though they can be quite disgusting at times, they are essential to our daily lives - aerating the soil and providing nutrients throughout. That's kind of how we feel with our babies, too. A little disgusting at times, but essential to our lives. Most people take one look at worms and go 'ewwww!' When people take a look at this little worm they will say, 'awwww!' You should let this little worm wiggle into your heart! This Infant Earthworm Costume is a cute, comfortable, and cozy costume for babies. This 100% polyester costume is perfectly breathable and light for your little one this Halloween. This infant costume is a bunting style that has padded and quilted sections for a segmented appearance - just like an earthworm! The back of the costume has a zipper for easy on and off - we know those diapers changes come often - and the attached mitts fold back to free up their little hands for bottle time! The great thing about this earthworm costume is that it encloses their entire body, keeping them warm and cozy on a cool Halloween night. Team up with an adult earthworm costume and a kids earthworm costume for a family night of earthworm fun!

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