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Glow Get 'Em Queen The Ice Queen lifestyle is a wild one. Can you imagine keeping your kingdom in the snowy peaks of the north? You certainly wouldn't get much company but it would definitely be beautiful! The Ice Queen started riding in a sleigh pulled by reindeer before Santa Clause did. Her henchmen are Arctic hares, polar bears, and arctic foxes, bringing her any information she might need to know about her realm. No, penguins aren't part of her posse, they get too distracted by socializing among themselves. Her icy castle is spun with icy crystals and clear stained glass windows. Her throne is trimmed with white fur. She drapes herself in white brocade fabric and long curls accented in silver locks. And you can imagine that her trademark ice crystals dapple her face to perfection. She might be the monarch of the tundra but she rules with an icy hand! Product Details This chunky glitter gel is sure to set off your look just right. The gell glitter can be applied to the skin and will stay for up to 24 hours when it dries. The colors come in iridescent greenish silver, metallic silver, and a deep blue to keep your costume looking extra icy.

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