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The Hydro Flask Small Dry Storage is a waterproof pouch for storing small Items. Pop your phone inside or perhaps your keys and wallet, slide the closure and head off. Whether you're on the kayak, at the pool with family or off on some other adventure, you can be assured your valuables Are protected from dust, sand, water and even a sticky spill of pop. This little envelope Features a touchscreen window, so you can check a quick text without having to open it up. Features of the Hydro Flask Small Dry Storage Dry storage locking Technology slides to seal and guarantees waterproof protection Durable coated fabric with welded seams means your Items stay protected Use your device while it's safely stored inside Use it on its own or loop it to your compatible Hydro flask gear. Touchscreen window lets you use your devices while they're safe and dry inside. Durable dry storage with our slide lock seal ensures waterproof protection

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