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Buy It Now! | Hydro Flask Dry Bags > The nifty lil Hydro Flask Dry Storage is absolutely perfect for getting out on the water to kayak, paddleboard, jet ski, or raft. Even if you just don't trust yourself around a general body of water, this large size storage bag is completely waterproof, durable, and even has a touchscreen window so you can stay connected. Plus, the attachment tabs make this pack compatible with any other Hydro Flask gear you're bringing along. Keep your valuables protected so you can let loose. Slider Closure Locks Tightly to Seal Out Dust, Sand, Water and Other Debris Durable Coated Fabric is Welded at Seams for Waterproof Construction 7.2 oz 7.90" x 1.60" x 9.50" Waterproof | Hydro Flask Dry Storage Medium 2022 Bag

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