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A3 Syndicate Radioactive #1 Ranked Tournament Slalom Ski in the World: Will Asher Pro Model Ski Sizes: 63", 65", 66", 67", 68" All new for 2014 is Speed Skin Technology, which is an advanced laminar textured ski base that increases speed by reducing drag. The second addition for 2014 is Acceleration Flex, a new flex pattern applied to the A3 that's a little bit softer under the boot section with a torsionaly rigid tail. This means when you're fully extended at apex the ski automatically wants to carve back to the first wake thereby giving direction and acceleration as early as possible.The Syndicate Program has always been about one thing and one thing only: Performance. The A3 achieves performance through something we call Automatic Angle Design. A traditional waterski has a 41 degree bevel angle. The A3 has a 46 degree bevel angle, which allows the ski to roll up on a higher edge angle. The higher you can keep your ski on edge, the more angle you can produce. The second component of Automatic Angle Design is the width profile of the ski underneath the feet. We've built the perfect amount of width under the front and back feet to put the ski on an attack angle, so that you don't have to do anything but stand centered over your feet for the ski to automatically gain angle through the wakes. The third component to Automatic Angle Design is something we call AutoCentering Continuous Rocker. It's a continuous rockerline along the edge of the ski. The great thing about a continuous rockerline is that no matter where you stand, the ski will always turn back to center. Our goal was to maximize the potential of the ski to swing out and come back in as quickly as possible.

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