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HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed S Tennis Racquets : The HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed S tennis racquet gives the occasional player easy maneuverability to compete in today's fast-paced game. As part of the HEAD Speed Series, this tennis racquet offers a perfect mix of flex and stability with improved energy transfer from racquet to ball. It features Graphene 360+ technology, a combination of Graphene 360's energy transfer and innovative spiralfibers for enhanced flex and clean impact feel. Lighter than its bigger SPEED brothers, the SPEED S is the perfect choice for the occasional fast-hitting player who needs a light racquet. Racquet Technology Graphene 360+: Innovative spiralfibers improve flexibility and provide a clean feel at impact. Superactive Stringbed: Increases power and control to compete in a fast game. Wider cross-strings add power and generate spin. Dynamic Frame Construction: Engineered to increase speed. Strong shaft and shoulder area for impact resisting stability, resulting in a solid feel and sound. Endorsed by Novak Djokovic

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