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This simple outfit proves that a well-chosen array of spooky garments in festive colors is all it takes to make a memorable appearance at your next costume party or Halloween hangout. Which is exactly what you'd expect from a costume named after Hallow's Eve! After all, she and Hallow's Adam were the ones who started our long tradition of dressing up, weren't they? Whoops! Our mistake: ancient history is one of those things we always feel really knowledgeable about until somebody calls us out. We'll stick to what we really know-which, come to think of it, is pretty much just great-looking costumes. And when we see the tasteful velvet bodice and mesh ruffles of this combo, we can tell that we're dealing with something special. It feels cheerful and fun without being tacky, elegant and dressy without getting overly elaborate. Plus, while this set covers all the basics, there's plenty of room to give it a personal touch by adding whichever props or accessories strike your fancy. And it wouldn't be hard to work in some eye-popping cosmetic effects, either-though we get the sense that you're looking for something a little more sophisticated. Well, whether it's a brooch or a broomstick, your best feline friend or your favorite pair of knee-high boots, almost anything will look great alongside the classic black and subdued orange of this classic witch ensemble!

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