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For those of you that want an all-in-one SUP that can surf swell in the morning, paddle Class II in the afternoon, then tour across open water in the evening, the Hala Rival Straight Up Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard is the perfect quiver killer. The SUP's progressive rocker and semi-narrow width strike a good balance between all-water fun and sleek speediness that lends itself to longer pushes. The board's Fusion Construction makes it fairly light, so even if you're a smaller adult or teen, the board handles great, from circumnavigating Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay to paddling out of the jetty at Santa Cruz Harbor. But while you're at it, go ahead and rig up a picnic or overnight bag to the Rival Straight Up's eight metal D-rings, which enable the SUP to function beyond the realm of flatwater novelty and open the door to swashbuckling multi-day adventures.

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