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Featuring two different attachment options, the Hala Releasable Leash is ideal for paddlers looking for a uniquely versatile and durable design on their SUP. The first option works as a releasable leash with the sailing shackle and locking carabiner, which attaches to your PFD, and releases with a simple pull of the shackle ball so you can free it from your PFD and swim safely away. The second option converts the leash into an ankle leash by attaching the ankle cuff to that same sailing shackel, giving you an ideal leash on flat water and in surf environments. Regardless of your choice, the coiled body eliminates annoying drag, and keeps the leash out of your way as you walk the line of your board or throw a brace. Not to mention, it also helps to keep you safe from catching passing branches or rocks.

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