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Product Condition The Grom Snowboard Binding - 2022 - Kids is in Excellent condition These bindings have been owned for 26 days These bindings are new and have never been used They are clean and dont have any scratches Hardware included Sold as is all warranty is voidSize Kids Unisex XSColor BlackRetail Cost 9995Theres no time like the present to get your little ones on snow and the Burton Grom snowboard binding can help It features a kid-friendly flex to keep them comfortable and colors that theyre sure to be psyched on Fun is the name of the game and wrestling with straps is up there with frostbite as a fun-killer so the straps have been condensed into a single Onestrap for less fumbling and more smiles Best of all it gets a Smack-It Ratchet with a big ol release lever so even tiny mitten covered hands can operate it Snowboarding is the most fun thing ever especially when you share it with your kidsStrapped in and smiling its time to show the bunny slope whos the boss DWGAQ2M

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