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So, you've just discovered that---surprise---your father was Zeus. Don't be too shocked. That king of the gods certainly got around. Heck, we've run into a few scenarios where Zeus was somebody's mother just because he was especially curious one day. But, seeing as how there was that whole "swan" incident, nothing really shocks us, anymore. But, now that you're anywhere from 10% to 130% Greek god... who can really tell with divine math, these days... you know that it isn't going to work to just hang around on the mortal plane all day and ... who knows what mortals do ... finish your taxes? No. There are many bigger tasks to achieve, now. First step is to get some guidance from those who've already been there for a few thousand years. Our suggestion is to go with a group of gods who have a lot of experience and still know how to have a good time with the mortals. Off to Mount Olympus, then, to learn about the proper protocol, hierarchy, and your rights and responsibilities as an Olympian. Spooked? Ha, don't worry. The Greek Gods are quite casual about everything, so long as you don't muddle up their own machinations. With that handled, it is time to don your divine garb with this Greek Olympia costume, and start figuring out what area of the realm you're going to handle. It'll be easy to do when you are in this kind of epic style thanks to this side-zipped polyester dress in gleaming white with a brocade ribbon trim. The faux leather belt gives you just the right amount of edge while the wrist cuffs ensure that you've got both the Greek style (and armor) to do your new job. Accessorize yourself further with a golden laurel or your choice of god-like weaponry and you'll quickly fit in.

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