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Misty coastlines, fog-socked valleys, and drenched mountainsides have nothing on the Gore Wear Men's C7 Gore-Tex Active Jacket. This lightweight riding jacket blocks whipping winds and pouring rain from ruining your trail adventures and road rides. Gore-Tex Active is one of the most breathable membranes available from the leading waterproofing technology on the planet. This means you'll remain pleasantly dry from the inside out, without soaking in built-up perspiration as you rack up mile after sweet mile in inclement weather. Seeing rain accompanies dreary conditions with thick fog and copious clouds, the ride-savvy folks at Gore Wear designed this jacket with bright colorways and reflective prints throughout, so you'll remain visible to traffic on the road. It's not only easy to see, but it remains comfortable during long rides with a zippered forearm vent for releasing excess heat, alongside zippered side openings for easy access to jersey pockets underneath. Moreover, it's designed with an ergonomically shaped collar that won't scratch or irritate skin, as well as a partially elastic hem that won't allow chilly drafts to sneak inside.

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