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There's a cloud looming over the trailhead that threatens rain, but the sunshine in your mind is too bright to keep you from hitting the dirt, so grab your Gore Wear C5 Gore-Tex Trail Hooded Jacket and get pedaling. This lightweight jacket will give you the coverage you need if that dark cloud decides to break open and rain down its life blood, thanks to its Gore-Tex membrane that offers you a completely waterproof barrier. The C5 Trail Hooded Jacket's lightweight polyamide construction keeps you from overheating on long climbs, allowing your sweat to wick away quickly while you ride, while slicing through the breeze, so the descent that follows doesn't have to feel so chilly. When the weather subsides the jacket can be stowed away in its small chest pocket, and packed into your jersey pocket or hydration pack for safe keeping. Since its meant for protection on the bike, the jacket is equipped with an elastic hem that holds in place when you're on the bars, keeping you covered, and a semi-locking zipper that lets you drop heat single-handed when big efforts get your blood pumping. If there's still a drizzle when it comes time to ride back to the house reflective accents will help you stay visible as you meander down dreary bike paths and side streets.

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