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One of the greatest revolutions in cycling clothing was the release of Gore Bike Wear's Giro jacket, over 30 years ago. It completely changed our perception of cold and wet weather cycling gear. Soon, days spent blocking out the rain with unbreathable rain capes having us almost as soaked underneath from sweat were gone. In the years since other clothing companies have upped their game in an attempt to provide garments that offered protection and comfort mimicking that of Gore making our rides more palatable. Gore hasn't rested on their laurels and has continually refined their interpretation of the best-wet weather jacket, enter the C5 Gore-Tex Shakedry 1985 Jacket. Here is a piece of kit that works so well, you might even begin to look forward to inclement weather so you can break it out.Gore crafts this jacket out of the lightest weight and most breathable material available known as Shakedry fabric technology. With most weather-proof fabrics, the face fabric material is porous, for breathability, with a weather-blocking inner membrane encapsulated between an inner liner and DWR-treated outer fabric. This design has worked quite well but it isn't the lightest weight or least bulky option. Plus, as the DWR treatment eventually wears off, the outer layer begins to soak up water leaving you soggy and hampering breathability.Shakedry, on the other hand, is a super lightweight, paper thin, single-layer fabric that breathes extremely well and wards off both wind and rain. The Shakedry name is aptly noted since you can literally shake it dry. So if you are seeking cover at a country store after the heavens have already opened up or have been steadily climbing 3000-feet into the heavens and the fog has been sitting low and heavy, a quick shake removes water beads from the surface and with it, the potential of chill from cold droplets of precipitation.Shakedry's lightweight feel and the material itself doesn't feel that far removed from a paper-like material. Gore d...

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