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One of the major downsides to filming fast-paced activities is the jarring footage resulting from the vibrations of skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and other action sports. Solving this problem for good, the GoPro Karma Grip stabilizes your shooting experience, lending silky-smooth playback without the nauseating shaking and nervous jitters normally experienced with action-sports footage. Going beyond mere digital image stabilization, the Karma Grip integrates an electronic stabilizer that's similar to the 3-axis gimbals of the competition, but with numerous GoPro mounting options and seamless charging convenience. It's comprised of a Karma Grip handle with built-in controls, which is attached to the Karma Stabilizer and Hero 5 harness. Although it's compatible with the latest Hero 5 straight from the box, you can attach your Hero 4 Silver and Black with the purchase of a separate attachment harness. Since it's connected to the camera's USB-C and Micro-HDMI ports, the Karma Grip electronically controls the camera, also allowing for seamless charging and data uploads without removing the camera. The Karma Grip features on-handle controls, such as power on/off, the ability to change shooting modes, start/stop recording, plus a tilt-lock button that also gives available battery status. Its rechargeable battery takes approximately six hours to charge (w/standard one-amp charger), lasting just under two hours of operation.

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