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Install the Goal Zero Home Integration Reliance 4 MTS to your circuit breaker for backup power when the grid goes down during severe storms and utility failures. The Home Integration Reliance 4 MTS (Manual Transfer Switch) backs up four circuits, receiving power from Goal Zero Yeti 1000 and larger power stations (i. e. lead-acid Yeti 1250, Yeti Lithium 1000, Yeti Lithium 1400, Yeti Lithium 3000). Goal Zero recommends backing up your circuits powering the fridge/freezer, garage door, main living area, and room with cable modem/router for internet. Goal Zero says you'll need a certified electrician for installation, so please don't try to install this without proper knowledge. It includes the Reliance/Pro Trans 2 Series 15-Amp, 4-Circuit 120V Manual Transfer Switch, as well as the extension cable to connect to your Yeti Portable Power Station.

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