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Buy It Now! | GNU Snowboards > Mushrooms will always be weird: definitely alive, but not quite plants. Devoid of caloric value, but chock full of nutrients. Some will kill you and some will change your life. They're out there! The GNU Fun Guy Snowboard is a shorter, wider, more mushroomy board from one of the most unique minds in snowboarding: Nicolas Mueller. With an airy fruiting body of a nose and a tail shape worthy of mycelium-as-wonder-material-levels of hype, this is a sweet deep snow shroom ready to soak up garlic and butters. Balsa / Aspen / Paulownia II Sustainably harvested, lightest, strong, and poppy. 2 x 4 Insert Pattern Flex Rating Medium - Firm Directional Eco-Sublimated Sintered Base Fast, tough and holds wax. | GNU Fun Guy Snowboard 2020

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