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Gnu designed the B-Real Snowboard Binding with the rider who has freestyle tendencies but still loves to rip the whole mountain in mind. Its versatile medium flex and a comfortable wrap gives you top-tier performance from the terrain park to high-speed groomers. The Reclining Asym highback is cored-out to shave serious weight, and has an ergonomic design that conforms to the shape of your boot for boosted comfort, response, and support. Then, its reclining design offers a multi-entry system that pulls back to get you strapped in quicker and easier than ever before. You just need to adjust the straps once and then you're good to go all season. Cushioning harsh landings and choppy chatter, the EVA foam footbed takes the edge off big drops and flat landings, while its wedge design creates a predictable, yet lively response to ensure your board obeys your every command. The Auto Open ankle strap is tuned to provide more lateral support and medial flexibility so you can tweak grabs without sacrificing support, and the cap toe strap features a form-fitting design that accommodates the shape of your boot for a secure fit. The auto-open lever makes entry and exit even easier by opening automatically once the highback is lowered. And if for some reason you do need to make some minor changes, it also has a micro-adjustment buckle for on-the-fly adjustments. Finally, the binding has a pressure relief button that reduces strap tension quickly on the fly for instant comfort with no hassle.

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