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We've all heard the saying about the other side of the fence... grass is always greener, right? It isn't just the allure of the other place that makes us so curious about what it is like to be over there or makes it seem like the colors are so much more vivid, though. It is the friggen fence That barrier is telling us that we're stuck on our side and that the other bright and gossamer green land is barred from us. Ugh! Now, put that fence on a grand scale and each of those yards as epic as they can be and you can see precisely what's going on in the spiritual realm. We're all captivated by what is occurring beyond the realm of the living and spirits have some pretty fond memories of our side of that cosmic barrier, too! That's what makes this season so exceptional. The thinning of the veil that separates us excites us all because we're watching that fence vanish and bring those bright greens right into our hands. Dia de Muertos and Halloween both call on some fantastic colors to bring the spirits and us together... but only if we're ready to show just how bright and flashy we can be! That is where this colorful Girl's Sugar Skull Sweetie costume comes into play. Show the brighter side of the spiritual realm with this pastel painted skull image print dress with bright pink puffed sleeves and matching hem ruffle. Complement this bright look with the right skull face paint and some festive accessories, like the floral headpiece or skeletal sleeves and tights, and you will look like you belong perfectly among the land of the dead... just for the night. It only looks brighter on the other side, after all!

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