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Just because you come from a villainous background doesn't mean that you're a villain. Sure, just like the rest of us, Evie has her brushes with the dark side. With powers like hers, things are sure to go a little haywire every once in a while. Isn't that the way it is for all girls in their teens? Evie struggles with which side to land on but it seem to be more difficult to be evil than good. One thing is for sure, those villainous girls have style. Now, we aren't quite sure why all the girls from the Isle of the Lost have cool gloves but we can honestly say we're a little of their decked out hands. They all seem to have rings and bracelets with their gloves but Evie keeps it simple. All her hand bling is attached to her mitts. While the gloves are still tough the jewels, hearts, and crowns allude to Evie's ongoing interest in finding her prince. Just goes to show, you might be labeled as a villain but your accessories are sure to give your true self away.

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