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She's top notch sea royalty. She's a plundering buccaneer of Caribbean fame. She's a bonafide cutthroat! The only question is how the films have gotten things sowrong? Boy pirates, everywhere! Ha! The ships and the sea are all SHE and every real pirate knows to watch out when the Lady of the Seven Seas has got your name! Now, it is time to help your girl write her name into the pages of history, and you can take the first step with this Girl's Cutthroat Pirate costume. With a fringe and frill look, she'll be able to hide the fact that she's a vicious bandit of the high seas. The scurvy scallywags on her ship will just think she's another lass along for the ride. But when the chest of gold goes missing? Then and only then will they know they've been hit by a cutthroat robber and, as everyone knows, when you can't beat them-join them! This stylish costume riffs on classic pirate themes, and creates a look that any little lady would be proud to wear to sea. The dress has a dark red satin base that features a ruffled neckline along with puffy sleeves. A mesh overlay is attached like a tank top, and features a skull-and-crossbones design. The layered look is completed with a glittery tulle underskirt that adds a touch of high seas elegance. She can add some tattered tights and boots to complete the look with a signature touch (sold separately). When she signs up for adventure with this classic costume, the only thing she'll have to worry about is where to find good island to stash all that treasure on!

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