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She might have just crawled out of the graveyard or cemetery, but she's still very fashion forward! It's time for her to explore all of the fun things that reanimated skeletons get to experience because she's been buried in the ground for far too young. This sassy skeleton can go to the big Halloween dance to show off her dance moves, or just spend her time hanging out with her other skeleton sisters. Hey, skeletons are basically like girls; all they want to do is just have fun! If you're an outgoing girl who wants to be a little creepy and a little cute, this skeleton costume is right up your spooky alley! This cutie bones skeleton costume is great for girls who like to dress trendy but who also want to amp up the creep factor on their costume. Young girls will have fun wearing the shiny tutu style skirt because it's great for dancing and prancing around with their friends. The metallic pieces of tulle on the skirt will photograph great in pictures, which is great because you're bound to take lots of pictures when you're living as a skeleton that has been brought back from the grave. In fact, everyone will want to take a picture with you. We also recommend picking up some white and black makeup because you'll need a full skeletal face with black lips and rings around your eyes. Last but not least, don't forget to paint your fingernails black!

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