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You've been training hard, eating right, getting sleep, and have ultimately altered your social life in an attempt to crush this particular day penciled in on your calendar for quite a while now. With all this amount of dedication and sacrifice, it'd be a shame not to give yourself every performance advantage possible on race day. We'd like to make the argument for aerodynamic clothing and how it has a tremendous effect on how quickly and easily you can slice through the air. After all, our bodies present the most surface area for wind resistance, so tighter clothing with aero features is a proven formula for going faster with less effort. If you're looking to get on the steps of the podium at the next time trial or if you're expecting a selective breakaway at your next crit or road race, opt for snugger fitting and more aerodynamic clothing. The Giordana NX-G Chronosuit for women might seem like a steep investment on the surface, but it could help you more in an aero sense than a new helmet, frameset, or wheelset. It's unapologetically built for speed and with Giordana's rich history of working with professional cyclists to create high-performance clothing where every detail matters, this Chronosuit gets you access to the goods reserved for the sport's best. Show up on race day with performance-enhancing clothing and the psychological benefit of knowing that your clothing isn't holding you back. This is perhaps one of the most technologically advanced skinsuits we've seen and its evident that Giordana poured some serious R&D into this one. Fully body mapped fabrics leave no excess material to flap in the wind. Progressive gradual compression in the legs and forearms support working muscles and the micro-massaging helps prevent undue fatigue and promotes active recovery letting you ride harder for longer. Every seam, material choice, and panel was scrutinized and tested for an optimum fit so it presents a streamlined, second-skin profile to the wind while in...

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