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It's fairly common knowledge that the majority of the resistance we have to overcome while riding is the wind drag caused by our body flying just a few feet above the pavement at 20-30 MPH. So, one of the easiest ways for a dose of speed on the next club time trial or during breakaway glory at the state championship road race is tighter fitting and more aerodynamic clothing. The Giordana NX-G Chronosuit is built for speed and with its rich history of working with professional cyclists to create high performance, comfortable clothing, you're in good hands. This skinsuit is a spare no expense, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead variety that will have you riding faster just knowing that you've trained for this, and nothing, especially your clothing, is holding you back. Show up wearing this suit and everyone will know you mean business.Giordana poured some serious R&D into the skinsuit and one of the results are fully body mapped fabrics so no material is left flapping in the wind. Progressive gradual compression in the legs and forearms support working muscles and the micro-massaging does everything it can to prevent undue fatigue while you're giving it all you can. Every seam, material choice, and panel was analyzed and tested for the optimum fit so it presents a streamlined, second-skin profile while in an aero position. Even dimples are used on the lightweight fabric, much like a golf ball, to create a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that clings to the suit's surface. This allows the smoothly flowing air to follow your body's surface a little farther around the sides and back, thereby decreasing the size of the wake. Even the stretchable zipper is placed on the back where it creates less turbulence. The lowers are similar in construction to Giordana's renowned NX-G bib shorts, however, the legs are 2cm longer. Inside, the Cirro C chamois extends its frontal padding area construction for more appreciated support when delivering the watts to the pedals...

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