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The Moda Arts Sleeveless Jersey from Giordana offers a relaxed fit in the saddle with a unique V-neck design. Of course, its sleeveless design will keep you cooler on those hot summer rides and Giordana uses technical fabrics to help transport moisture from your body to the outside of the jersey so it can dry quickly keeping you cooler and drier. At the rear of the jersey are three pockets for carrying food, tubes, and other essentials and it has a reflective tab to help increase your visibility to motorists. As part of its Moda Arts collection, this piece allows you to express your individualism and has a more casual style and fit so it looks great on the group ride as well as at the mid-ride coffee shop stop. It, like all of Giordana's women apparel, is cut in the Women's Contour Fit system consisting of paneling and construction that follows the female silhouette while in the saddle and in the riding position.

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