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Riding during the shoulder seasons always requires a little trial and error with apparel to find our comfort zone again. Warmers are always a good place to start since we can take them on and off as the temps and terrain fluctuate. Going into fall is usually a little more difficult since the first chills always feel the coldest and we aren't nearly as excited as we are in the spring when the sun finally touches bare skin. Our knees are something that we always want to keep warm and comfortable but most warmers are constructed from a thin lightly thermal material which doesn't do much in the way of warmth. Giordana's Heavyweight Knitted Knee Warmers are an anomaly here, and we've found that they add amazing versatility to bibs shorts especially the newer crop of "classics" bibs constructed of warmer fabrics. We found the sweet spot right around the 40-50-degree mark where any cooler we'd opt for full tights and any warmer we'd go for the before mentioned lighter weight warmers.These Heavyweight Knitted Knee Warmers are made from a more robust version of the Dryarn Giordana uses in its lighter warmers. This increases the thermal properties to the point that they will indeed keep you warm on cold starts and extended descents as well as an increase in durability. Typically, hardier fabric means less flexibility, however Giordana constructs different knit densities in key areas to accommodate a better range of motion that doesn't affect your pedal stroke.The unique knit construction eliminates seams and the style harkens back to the days of traditional wool warmers. This is mandatory when going as a top three podium finisher at Flanders for Halloween or conjuring up the motivation to put in some hard miles under overcast skies and on windy days.

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