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Giordana's latest generation of winter clothing has been radically expanded with a host of additional jacket models spanning the AV and Sosta lines. Fortunately for those of us who have become accustomed to the peerless fit and function of the FormaRed-Carbon (FR-C) line, the FR-C Sette Winter Jacket remains one of Giordana's highlights. And since it enjoys top billing in a brand as elevated as Giordana, the FR-C Sette is one of the most effective winter jackets in the industry as a whole. The jacket's main body and sleeve panels are made from DVstretch, a windproof membrane that features eVent's Direct Venting (DV) technology. Whereas traditional polyurethane membranes don't start breathing well until they're already damp, eVent's Direct Venting membranes start expelling water moisture as soon as it's present rather than waiting for it to accumulate, helping to keep you dry even during work/rest cycles. That means Direct Vent can be the difference between riding home in comfort or wallowing in a clammy chill after exertions like hill repeats or intervals leaving you perspiring. Giordana's eVent membrane of choice is the DVstretch flavor, which combines that all-conditions breathability with windproofness and a DWR finish. The FR-C Sette jacket won't stand up to a full-on deluge, but water from light to moderate precipitation and road spray beads up and rolls off before it can penetrate and chill. The Sette keeps you dry from inside-out, and staying dry in winter cycling is key to maintaining a warm core. As mentioned above, this is a partnership, and Giordana shines in the form of its FormaRed-Carbon (FR-C) construction ethos. First and foremost, FR-C involves a race-ready cut. That means you're not hanging up your painted-on race kit for a dumpy, tent-shaped canopy just because it's chilly--no sacrificing fit for cold-weather function. Instead, the Sette fits like a race jacket, which is what we expect from the FR-C line. It's not quite as form-fitting as an...

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