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Giordana offers its AV Arm Warmer for, you guessed it, keeping your arms warm in variable conditions. Unlike other arm warmers though, it does a wonderful job of repelling water if it's wet out and blocks wind too. These warmers also deviate from others thanks to its impressive fit. Straight cut wrists and articulated bend contours at the elbow mean that the warmer won't try to hold your arms in a straight position or cause slipping down from the biceps if your riding style happens to mimic Froome. Further keeping that fit in check is its double-sided grippers which adhere to your arms and jersey.Its super tightly knitted outer facing fabric, featuring its eco-friendly DWR treatment, not only blocks the wind and precipitation, but it also offers compression. Compression offers better muscle support, which delays fatigue, allowing you to ride harder for longer. Inside, a brushed fleece interior provides warmth and wicks up sweat. Of course, if it gets too warm you can always tug them down to your wrists on the climbs or jettison them all together and stash them in your jersey pocket.

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