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Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! With so much happening on the Yellow Brick Road, who has time to stop and mess with their hair? You've got an Emerald City you've got to find, a Wizard to meet, some wishes you need granting, and a home to get back to! You're a girl on a mission! You're busy! Which is why these Gingham Hair Bows are so great...they'll keep that stylish 'do in place, whether you're rocking the braids or giving us glossy ringlet realness! So get your hair done and then get on with your plucky Midwestern self - skip down that yellow cobblestone road! Run from those nasty flying monkeys! Fall asleep in a meadow of poppies (Note: Don't fall asleep in the meadow of poppies! It's basically like doing opium, girl!). With these bows, you could basically get stuck in a tornado and still look fab! (Oh wait, you did do that, didn't you? Look at you, Dorothy the Explorer!)

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