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There's nothing that's going to magically make all the vehicles on the road disappear, but at least you'll be able to visualize how fast they're approaching while simultaneously alerting them of your existence with the Garmin Varia RTL510 Radar Tail Light. This seatpost-mounted tail light is equipped with a radar unit that detects traffic from up to 153 yards behind you, so you'll never have to look over your shoulder, only to swerve to the side of the road as a vehicle speeds past you with reckless abandon. This tail light delivers 220-degrees of red illumination that's seen up to a mile away by rearward traffic, so you'll easily be spotted by traffic, regardless if you're riding in the city or countryside. It pairs with Garmin's separately available head units, watches, and eyeglass attachments to provide a visual indicator of just how close and fast rearward traffic is approaching. Among these compatible devices are the ever-popular Edge series of head units, Phoenix series of watches, and Varia Vision In-sight Display that neatly attaches to your glasses.

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